Song List

Raising Cain encourages clients to check out its extensive repertoire (song) list below.  The band loves it when people look at the 12 main genres (styles) that they cover, like 80s, or New Rock, etc. Tell the band your favorite categories.  The musicians can absolutely build great set lists for your event, based on your preferences. 

One thing to keep in mind is that musicians always have to do the final balancing of a set list because there are significant human factors associated with a live band.  For instance, it would be theoretically possible for a client to send a list of 40 songs they like, with all of them being female lead vocal songs.  The challenge there is that a female singer might wear out her voice before the end of the gig if the musicians didn’t alternate singing duties with a male singer.  So in that scenario, the musicians might have to shuffle the set list a bit and add a handful of male vocal songs.

So… by all means, let the band know your favorite categories, tell them your favorite songs, and indicate the songs that you wouldn’t want played.  Armed with all of that information, they can absolutely put together fantastic set lists for your event!